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About Twirl Planet

Twirl Planet is an online retailer specializing in top quality twirling batons, instructional DVDs, baton bags and cases, and gifts for twirlers. In business since 2004, we cater to our fabulous customers both in the USA and globally!

Cindy Hamilton, Twirl Planet's CEO and Founder

Cindy Hamilton, Twirl Planet's CEO and Founder

Cindy Hamilton, Twirl Planet’s CEO and Founder, is a former state and regional twirling champion, judge, and she has taught baton twirling throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Twirl Planet has become the ideal way to continue to support the sport of baton twirling, by making available best quality, made-in-the-USA twirling batons and supplies. Twirl Planet also aims to increase the public’s awareness of baton twirling, it’s talented athletes, and the value learning to twirl offers to both young people and adults.

We carry of wide variety of top notch batons from the best U.S. manufacturers: Star Line, Sharp Baton, Kraskin Baton, Susan Orr Heart and Angel Batons, and World Twirling. The large variety of styles includes the Super Star, Starlet, Lite Star, Venus, Comet, Sensicore, all Sharp Models, High Flyer, Challenger, Champion, Heart, and Angel Batons.

Our baton cases are fantastic with an easy to carry shoulder strap. They are available in 2 different styles and in many colors.

We are also proud to offer instructional DVDs for baton twirlers at all skill levels, and for staff spinners as well.


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  • Lori Kinsey

    LOVE IT! Makes me want to dig out my old batons and get twirlin’ again! Great job!

  • Melissa

    Excellent Blog! My children and I enjoy watching these talented athletes!

  • Susan Marston-Dykstra

    I was the 1973 World Twirling Champion (WTA).\ I enrolled at the University of Michigan majoring in Environmental Science at the age of. At the age of 52, it is hard to get up and present research in front of much younger students. I find myself remembering, “Hey you did it front of larger crowds.’ then I have that feeling “I wish I had that energy”

  • Marsha Bronson Stigge

    Hi, Cindy!
    It is so fun to see you via YouTube videos sharing the skills. You look just the same. I truly think of your family often and have recently run across lots of old photos of you, Lori and your mom as we remodel our home in Tennessee. It’s great that you have stayed involved in the sport in this way. Are you still working as a PT? Marsha

    • Cindy Hamilton

      Hey Marsha!
      How nice to hear from you. I know, we have lots of shared memories! It’s been just great being involved in the twirling world again. Hope all is well with you and your family. Would love it if our paths crossed again!

  • Brigitte Claes

    Hi Cindy,

    Still in the summer I take my batons and try again some tricks, but some I really forgot.


  • Bruno

    Congratulations… I like so much this blog =D

  • Cindy

    I am seeking a baton twirling instruction or club in the Kansas City area but cannot seem to locate one. Any ideas?


    Hello Cindy

    What are the chances of assisting us down here in South Africa?


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