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  • Susan McDonald

    Great to see twirling still as wonderful as ever.

    Great sport and wonderful entertainment.

  • Barbara Dockter

    Great job Cindy. Loved your site. Good Luck and best wishes from one of your great fans.

  • Kelli

    Twirl Planet is awesome!
    Great information on a fun, fun, fun sport!
    Awesome job Cindy!

  • Gloria Toney

    I would very much like to get in touch with you, regarding Brook Going’s passing.
    thank you

  • Jane Reed

    I am looking for one or two twirlers from the Oakland, CA area to march with the Piedmont Community Band this year. It is an all volunteer group marching on July 4th at noon with one practice on the evening of the 2nd.
    Thank you, Jane

  • andrew stevencurtis

    does anyone remember judy kassouf (as if!!)/ I lost contact in 68/69 at osu, and I wonder if shes still twirling, and how she is. she taught me twirling and I teach twirling tennis rackets lol, to my students (tennis that is!)

  • Michael Perkins

    I purchased a baton and paid for expedite delivery 2-3 day, so that it would be here for her birthday. Itz now 5 days later and still no baton. It barly arrived in California. Which means it wont get her till mon at the earliest. Cusomer service is AWFUL. DONT NOT ORDER FROM HERE.

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