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ESPN Joins Forces With Twirl Mania 2012

February 16th, 2012 · Baton Competitions and Contests, Baton Twirlers and Majorettes Around The World, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

ESPN Wide World of Sports will once again team up with Twirl Mania to video and cover this exciting, annual international baton twirling championship. Twirlers from around the country and around the world are headed right now to Disney World in Florida to compete this weekend.

Baton twirling athletes from many countries, including Australia, Japan, Russia, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, Scotland, Canada, and the USA will be participating in Twirl Mania 2012. There are Solo competitive opportunities, as well as a large emphasis on groups competing in the Teams, Corps, High Schools, Universities, and Recreational Groups categories.

Twirl Mania is much anticipated every year and is considered by many to be one of the funnest twirling gatherings! The event is unique in that it relaxes some of the usual competition rules to encourage twirlers from many different organizations to attend.

You’ll find additional information at the Twirl Mania website.

As always, we look forward to the coverage, results, videos, and photos from this year’s exciting event!

Thank you to ESPN Wide World of Sports for sharing their Youtube videos.

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French Baton Twirler’s 2010 World Championships Performance

February 7th, 2012 · Baton Competitions and Contests, Baton Twirlers and Majorettes Around The World, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

Here is another talented twirling athlete performing at the 2010 WBTF World Baton Twirling Championships. This is Laurie Menvielle from France competing in the Senior Women Semifinals.

Thank you to fabiotwirl for sharing the Youtube video.

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Do You Have a Baton Twirling Trick Video?

January 29th, 2012 · Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists, Videos: How To Twirl

Do you have a baton twirling video of tricks you can do? We would love to see the trick you are working on, or have mastered! Click on “Please Comment” below and post the link your video. We’ll share it in a future blog post.

Also, if you’re on Facebook, we welcome your video posts on our page:

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Thank you to twirlerchik for sharing her Youtube video.

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Baton Twirler Kacie B. Dates The Bachelor

January 28th, 2012 · Baton Twirlers In The News, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

Did you see the recent episode of The Bachelor that included some baton twirling? It turns out that “Kacie B.” is a former competitive baton twirler. On their first date, Kacie Boguskie treated Ben to a short display of some of her solid twirling skills. Ben even gets a little lesson in how to twirl baton.

Kacie is from Knoxville, Tennessee. She was a member of the 2002 United States World twirling team and represented the U.S. internationally. She twirled with the The University of Tennessee Majorettes while in college. She grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee and also twirled for Rossview High School.

Kacie with The University of Tennessee Majorettes (back row near the middle)

Delightful to once again see baton twirling in the public eye!

Thank you to ABC7 for the video footage.

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Baton Twirlers Make Christmas Parades Merrier

December 21st, 2011 · Videos, Videos: Baton Pairs and Teams

Baton twirlers take to Christmas parades like bees to honey. What a great match! Here is video of the Russell’s All Stars Baton Twirling Team performing in the 2011 Christmas Parade in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about this wonderful baton twirling program located in Coatesville, Pennsylvania by visiting the Russell’s Twirlers website.

Thank you to peterrhon for sharing their Youtube video.

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Cornhusker Feature Twirler Adds Excitement to Game Day

October 10th, 2011 · Baton Twirlers In The News, Marching Bands, Drum Majors, Color Guards, Drum Corps, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

Feature Baton Twirler, Rachel Foehlinger, adds excitement to game days on a regular basis. She performs with the Cornhusker Marching Band at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her years of competitive twirling performances really show when she hits the field!

You can learn more about Rachel’s extensive baton twirling experience in this recent Daily Nebraskan news piece.

Thank you to huskertiara for sharing their Youtube video.

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Fresno Baton Twirler Highlighted in Good Sports TV News

October 6th, 2011 · Baton Twirlers In The News, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

Talented baton twirler, Emily Dooms, is interviewed and highlighted in this TV news segment. Emily won medals in 2-baton, solo and team events at the 2011 World Baton Twirling Federation International Cup Championships this summer.

Hard-working Emily is twirling for Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia, California. Kudos to this exemplary freshman!

Thank you to ABC30 Action News for their coverage.

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Practicing Triple Reverse Illusion Baton Twirling Trick

September 23rd, 2011 · Baton Twirlers and Majorettes Around The World, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists, Videos: How To Twirl

Check out the tenacity and positive attitudes of these young baton twirling dynamos! These Japanese athletes are practicing a triple reverse illusion trick.

Thank you to sbcamipapa for sharing the Youtube video.

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Exciting Fire Baton Performance from FSU Feature Twirler

September 15th, 2011 · Marching Bands, Drum Majors, Color Guards, Drum Corps, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

Here is a fire baton twirling video of Florida State University Feature Twirler, Taylor McCarthy. She performed last weekend as part of the Marching Chiefs halftime performance, which was a tribute on the 10 year anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy. Taylor’s twirling routine includes 1, 2 and 3 fire batons. Exciting!

Thank you to FSUtwirler13 for sharing the Youtube video.

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Twirl Planet Has Your Hula Hoops

August 31st, 2011 · Hula Hoops and Hooping

Fitness hula hooping is fun!

Hula hooping draws people in for many different reasons: fitness, exercise, fun, dancing, performance or a unique way to spend time with friends! Today’s weighted hula hoops are not the lightweight tubes that we played with in childhood, but instead are heavier and durable. Hooping enthusiasts will find choices in color, style and size here at Twirl Planet. You can now purchase hula hoops easily online, enjoying wonderful selection and the convenience of delivery to your door.

Infinity Travel Hoop from Bodyhoops is a bestseller

Our collapsible hoop is a best seller for obvious reasons. A travel hula hoop lets you take your workout with you and exercise wherever you like. Performers using hoop dancing easily tote these along to their gigs. And more amateur hoop dancers are known to sneak these into rock concert venues. The Infinity Travel Hoop is hands-down our favorite!

1 Color Hoops in a Rainbow of Colors

We also carry standard fitness hula hoops in 1 color or 2 color versions. They require a spacious box, but are still easily shipped directly to you. Just like travel hoops, you purchase a small, medium or large diameter. All of our fitness hula hoops from Bodyhoops are proudly made in the USA.

2 Color Hoops

Pay us a visit at and check out the hula hooping fun that awaits!

YouTube Preview Image

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