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Exciting Fire Baton Performance from FSU Feature Twirler

September 15th, 2011 · Marching Bands, Drum Majors, Color Guards, Drum Corps, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

Here is a fire baton twirling video of Florida State University Feature Twirler, Taylor McCarthy. She performed last weekend as part of the Marching Chiefs halftime performance, which was a tribute on the 10 year anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy. Taylor’s twirling routine includes 1, 2 and 3 fire batons. Exciting!

Thank you to FSUtwirler13 for sharing the Youtube video.

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Twirl Planet Has Your Hula Hoops

August 31st, 2011 · Hula Hoops and Hooping

Fitness hula hooping is fun!

Hula hooping draws people in for many different reasons: fitness, exercise, fun, dancing, performance or a unique way to spend time with friends! Today’s weighted hula hoops are not the lightweight tubes that we played with in childhood, but instead are heavier and durable. Hooping enthusiasts will find choices in color, style and size here at Twirl Planet. You can now purchase hula hoops easily online, enjoying wonderful selection and the convenience of delivery to your door.

Infinity Travel Hoop from Bodyhoops is a bestseller

Our collapsible hoop is a best seller for obvious reasons. A travel hula hoop lets you take your workout with you and exercise wherever you like. Performers using hoop dancing easily tote these along to their gigs. And more amateur hoop dancers are known to sneak these into rock concert venues. The Infinity Travel Hoop is hands-down our favorite!

1 Color Hoops in a Rainbow of Colors

We also carry standard fitness hula hoops in 1 color or 2 color versions. They require a spacious box, but are still easily shipped directly to you. Just like travel hoops, you purchase a small, medium or large diameter. All of our fitness hula hoops from Bodyhoops are proudly made in the USA.

2 Color Hoops

Pay us a visit at and check out the hula hooping fun that awaits!

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3 and 4 Staff Juggling from Finland

August 30th, 2011 · Juggling, Spinning, Object Manipulation, Videos, Videos: Baton Pairs and Teams

It is a lot of fun to look at other disciplines and performers for artistic inspiration and different ideas. We are always finding many parallels between baton twirling, juggling, staff spinning and other object manipulation. We came across this video of juggling with 3 and 4 staves that is full of interesting partner and team exchanges. This is Niko, Kasmir and Jarf from Finland’s fire and circus performance group, FLOW.

Thank you to Nikoflamma for sharing the Youtube video.

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She’s Just Happy To Be Twirling Again

August 29th, 2011 · Videos, Videos: Just For Fun

Baton twirling videos shot indoors always crack us up. Growing up, our family of twirlers always had the rule, “No twirling in the house!” It is fun to find so many videos today shot in dorm rooms with webcams, in the living room with a friend, and like this one, in the kitchen. She is just delighted to have a baton in her hands again!

Thank you to TheContinentOfTarr for sharing the Youtube video.

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Annetta Lucero Inspires Again with 1 Arm Baton Twirling

August 28th, 2011 · Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

Annetta Lucero is one of the truly amazing people on the planet. In March she said goodbye to her grown son as he passed away from a terminal illness. In April Annetta was in a scary car accident when she was unexpectedly hit by a teenage driver. She sustained many traumatic injuries including a sternum fractured into many pieces, punctured lung, damaged ribs, a shoulder injury, and other painful injuries to her wrist, neck, back and knees. She was hospitalized then continued her recovery at home. In June she began rehabilitation working with a physical therapist. Her physician lifted some of her activity restrictions and gave her the go ahead to “participate in any physical activity that does not cause pain to injured areas.”

Here is Annetta on June 21 at a family wedding, performing and presenting her gift to the honored couple.

Annetta Lucero is a baton twirling legend and is well known throughout the twirling community. After winning many national and international championships as a competitor and setting new standards for baton twirling skills, she has continued as a Twirlsport Artist in adulthood. She has envisioned and pursued many creative, exciting endeavors.

This video makes us reflect on excuses like “I’m too tired to practice” or “The floor/lights/temperature/time of day/fill in the blank is not right”. We are grateful for the exceptional way Annetta lives her life and the way she shares it. She offers us the gift of taking a different perspective. There really is no limit to what can be accomplished!

Learn more about Annetta at Thank you to blissbutterfly for sharing the Youtube video.

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Brazil Baton Twirling Team Performance

August 27th, 2011 · Baton Competitions and Contests, Baton Twirlers and Majorettes Around The World, Videos, Videos: Baton Pairs and Teams

We love finding baton twirling videos from our international twirling friends. Here is a twirling team from Brazil competing at their National Championship.

Thank you to andrelr04 for sharing the Youtube video.

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UK Twirling Troupe Catches Attention of the BBC

August 26th, 2011 · Baton Competitions and Contests, Baton Twirlers and Majorettes Around The World, Baton Twirlers In The News

Five twirlers from Great Britain’s Angel Baton Twirlers captured the attention of the BBC and were featured in the news.

Angel Baton Twirlers from Norwich, UK proudly display their Bronze medals

The twirling team from England finished in third place at the recent 2011 WBTF International Cup Championships. The entire team was made up of 13 baton twirling athletes selected from various British baton troupes. The five members proudly displaying their new Bronze medals are (left to right) Amber Stewart, Sarah Cullum, Melissa Bowling, Claire Cullum and Lauren Stearman.

Thank you to BBC News Norfolk for highlighting the sport of baton twirling.

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Twirling Batons for Beginners

August 25th, 2011 · Beginner Baton Student Information, Twirling Batons and Baton Twirling Supplies

Are you looking where to buy a baton? Your search for a terrific baton for twirling is over! Twirl Planet is your best online source for twirling batons and majorette batons. You will find the best baton to suit your needs in our wide selection. We have many affordable choices that are perfect for beginners. All of our batons are made in the USA. They are professionally manufactured by American companies, many of which have been in the business for more than 40 years. These choices are all made of chrome plated steel which creates a truly durable twirling baton that lasts many years. These professionally and correctly weighted batons make learning to twirl both fun and successful!

Starlet Twirling Baton from Star Line

The Starlet Baton from Star Line is a wonderful choice as a first basic baton for beginners. It’s affordability and simple styling have made it a best seller! It has a plain, silver baton shaft and a standard thickness of 3/8 inch.

Super Rocket Twirling Baton from Kraskin

The Super Rocket Baton from Kraskin is another perfect girls baton (or for boys, too!) It has beautiful styling and is designed for beginners as well as more experienced baton twirlers. It also has a smooth shaft and a standard 3/8 inch diameter. The ball & tip (big & small rubber ends) are mushroom-shaped and add to this classic style.

Angel Twirling Baton

The Angel Baton developed by Susan Orr has been taking the twirling world by storm and is a relative newcomer to our baton store. This lightweight baton is specifically designed for beginners and technologically advanced for very easy handling. The rubber baton ends are aerodynamically crafted and shaped like 2 hearts intersecting. Another benefit of the unique rubber ball and tip is that they prevent the baton from rolling away when dropped. Handy!

Champion Twirling Baton from Kraskin

The Champion Baton is another best seller from Kraskin. This baton features beautiful hexagon-shaped rubber ends which help the dropped baton from rolling away on the floor. The 3/8 inch diameter baton shaft has 2 bands of holographic tape to add sparkle and reflection while twirling, and to help the beginner twirler spot the baton’s center for catches.

We have that new baton for kids, for girls, or for boys. Our beginner batons actually get scooped up by twirlers and majorettes of all ages! is pleased to make many choices available to you that are in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

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A Few 3 Baton Tricks To Try

August 24th, 2011 · Juggling, Spinning, Object Manipulation, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists, Videos: How To Twirl

Are you working on 3 baton tricks? This baton twirling video is McKenna Luzynski demonstrating a few typical 3 baton juggling tricks. Give them a try!

Thank you to twirlchamp for sharing the Youtube video.

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Baton Twirling Mom Remembers Her 1966 Majorette Routine

August 23rd, 2011 · Moms (& Other Grown Ups) Who Were Twirlers, Videos, Videos: Baton Soloists

How we love those baton twirling moms! Meet Tally and her spirited reenactment of the baton twirling routine that helped her win the Junior Miss Englewood crown in 1966. Once a majorette, always a majorette!

Thank you to jkirkpatrick6 for sharing the Youtube video.

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