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Twirl Planet Has Your Fire Batons

August 16th, 2011 · 5 Comments · Fire!, Twirling Batons and Baton Twirling Supplies

Will you be twirling fire batons this fall? Are you thinking about dazzling the crowd in the stands with your half time performance? Are you tired of always borrowing your teacher’s fire baton and it’s time to buy your very own? How about those night time parades coming up? We have you covered!

image courtesy of Graham Nathan

We have fire batons for sale all year long and find that they are a super popular purchase at this time of year. Sometimes called a flame baton, fire twirling batons come in a range of lengths from 24 inches to 32 inches. They are made in the USA by Kraskin, an established twirling baton manufacturer in business since the 1940’s. They are made in your choice of a standard 3/8″ diameter shaft or a thicker 7/16″ shaft.

Fire Twirling Baton Comes in a Variety of Lengths

Another piece of fire twirling equipment that is helpful is a metal carrying case. This durable metal cylinder extinguishes your fire baton safely and simply. It also provides a way to easily and cleanly carry your fire baton with no black smudges to your clothing or gear. Our metal cases also store a fire baton easily in the corner of your garage or in a closet. Metal baton cases come in a choice of 2 lengths.

Metal Case for Fire Baton

Visit for both fire twirling batons and cases. Ordering is a breeze and we are known for our speedy shipping!

image courtesy of KJ Holiday

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  • Lynn

    What is the best fuel to use? How long will it last? Our parade is 16 blocks long…

  • Bernadette Yu

    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your fire baton. Just wondering. What material is the cloth on the ends made of? Is it kevlar? It doesn’t look like kevlar.

  • Kay

    What fuel do you recommend for fire baton? One is over 40 years old and I think the ends are fiberglass material.

    • admin

      Thanks for posting, Kay. Some twirlers use a white gas, like Coleman fuel. It’s a good idea to so some research of fire twirling and fire spinning sites online, for recommendations about fuel choices and fire safety.

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